Encouraging Employees to Participate in PACE

Some institutional clients find it helpful to encourage their employees to participate in the PACE Survey. Each institution has its own unique reasons for administering the PACE Survey.  The following are some general suggestions for encouraging participation:

  • Whatever form the encouragement takes (e.g., email, newsletter item, etc.), ensure that it comes from a senior institutional leader, ideally your president or chancellor, to demonstrate leadership support for the PACE and its goal of identifying areas for change and improvement.
  • Describe your reasons for administering the PACE, and be authentic about your reasons. For example, if your institution administers the PACE on an annual or biannual basis, give the reason for that decision and discuss why continued feedback is important to your institution. If this is your institution’s first time administering the PACE, discuss the reasons why your leadership chose to administer it. If possible, make a connection to your institution’s mission, identity, strategic plan, or other guiding philosophy to show how the PACE survey fits with your institutional goals and/or culture.
  • Discuss why everyone’s participation is important, and affirm senior leadership’s commitment to valuing the perspectives of all employees—part-time, full-time, faculty, and all levels of staff. If you can authentically connect participation to your institution’s values, your encouragement will be even more effective.

To the greatest extent possible, the encouragement should describe how the PACE results will be used. For example, will they be shared at campus-wide forums? Will they be shared with trustees and senior leadership? How will the results be used to effect change? Will employees have a role in that process, and if so, what will it look like? Employees want to know that the opinions they share on the PACE will be heard and acted upon, so the more detail you can provide about how the results will be used, the more motivated they will be to share their perspectives by completing the survey. If your institution has administered the PACE before, it might be useful to provide an example of how previous results led to meaningful change.

Your employees want to know that if they take the time to complete the PACE Survey, their voices will be heard and change will result. The more compelling evidence you can provide to show that this is the case, the more likely they will be to participate.