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Complete the Entrance Questionnaire

Pre-Entrance Questionnaire Checklist

Thank you for your interest in administering the PACE Climate Survey for Community Colleges (PACE Climate Survey). This checklist will help you in completing the intake entrance questionnaire. Please make sure that you have all of this information prior to submitting your questionnaire and that you only submit your questionnaire once. If you have already submitted your questionnaire and would like to request a change, please contact us at

General information about your institution

  • Institution Name and Address.
  • Name, Title, and Contact information of the primary institutional contact who will work with the PACE team to administer your survey.
  • Name, Title, and Contact information of the designated person who will sign your service agreement.
  • An estimate number of employees at the institution. Please note that this number will not influence the cost of your administration.

Building your survey

  • Provide your ideal launch and close dates for the survey, or at least a general timeframe of when you would like to administer. We will provide you with a link to get real time updates on the estimated response rate and you will be able to extend the duration of the survey, if needed.
    • Please note that it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete your service agreement and build your survey, so any launch date chosen should be made with that preparation time in mind.
  • Choose which package you would like to administer.*
  • Determine which Question Set(s) you would like to include with your package*
  • All administrations include up to 20 custom questions and 3 custom items of your own design. You may submit these as part of your questionnaire or you may submit them to your report author no later than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled launch date.*
  • Decide what 3 comparison groups you would like to have included in your reports.

*Institutions in North Carolina have preset administration packages which already include question sets and custom questions. More information regarding these statewide and system contracts is found here.

2024-2025 Entrance Questionnaire Coming Soon!